Reply to Pre-Bid Meeting

1.                 Bhawani & Trade Network :
This is CAAN\'s requirement for the purchase of the aircraft by CAAN so this cannot be changed.
2.                 LET Aircraft Industries:
Article 13
§ The manufacturer should submit the company registration or commercial registration.
§ For foreign company, there must be a local agent that is approved by the OEM & such agent must submit all the required document as stated in ICB article 13 & ITB 4.8.
Article 14
§ The deadline for the submission of 1st stage bidding is on or before 12.00 on 18th April 2014.
§ For 1st stage bidding no financial information is required.
§ The terms & condition of 2nd stage bidding will be notified to all the successful bidder of 1st stage via public notice.
Section IV
§ The section is not applicable for the 1st stage bidding as such it has been removed from the document
Section V
1.                  List of Goods:-
§ Bidder to specify the earliest date that the aircraft can be delivered & how long will it takes for the aircraft to arrive in Kathmandu.
Section B
§ Cabin changes:- For aircraft that are already flying or manufactured there may be a need to modify the cabin to reconfigure the aircraft as per the requirement of CAAN (e.g.- Seats, cabin reconfigure) specify only if applicable.
§ If such changes are required, there will be change in the MEW and that new MEW will be specified as the CAAN MEW.
§ Fixed Equipment: - any equipment that are fixed items as per the TCDS.
§ Toilet is not mandatory.
§ Customer Service:- It is already mention as 5kg which includes the passenger service items.
Section D
§ FMS is not mandatory:- If installed please specify manufacture system, etc.
Section E
§ Aircraft characteristic & facility planning: - if available please submit route planning Document.
§ Aircraft Certificate Status : if not EASA/FAA certified, status of certification
§ DDG = Dispatch Deviation Guide, if available.
§ Besides those mentioned in section D, items specified in FOR chapter 6.
§ In FOR, there is a chapter defining all the category of airfields. For Eg. Cat C airfields are Simikot, Dolpa, Manang, Lukla & Rara (Talcha). So based on the information a payload calculation to be submitted from your side.
Section G
§ There should be no problem as the runway length is 10,007 with additional of 492ft clear way. However, left turn for IFR flight is not allowed.
Part  III Ops cost
§ USD/BH = USD/Block which is FH +15 min.
Part IV
Clause a. III) for items that can be overhaul in-house, there should be 10% of such items for initial spare part provision.
a.      IV)  Are there any provision of spare pooling the services available?
§ The 95% ; 90% & 10% are based on the initial spare provision that will be supplied free-of-cost as part of aircraft purchase
5                    Inspection :
1.      Factual inspection test will be carried out by CAAN or designated authority prior to dispatch of aircraft at the manufacturer\'s premises.
2.      The test /Inspection will be carried out in accordance with the set procedures recommended by manufacturer or approved agencies of country of origin.
Part VII
§ Law of Nepal: - This is as per the regulation so we cannot change it.
§ Bidders to inform how long will it takes them to allow inspector to inspect the aircraft once Conformation Letter of Credit is received.
3.                 Viking Air:
§ Law: - This is stated in the regulation so we cannot change this.
§ Financial State: - Company Registration/Firm Registration is required for manufacture all other information to be submitted by agents who are authorizing by manufacturer.
§ Bid Seam Requirement:-
§ Not required during 1st bidding.
§ During 2nd bidding a bid security is mandatory.
§ Can you please send the standard contract so that we can evaluate it.
§ Not required for 1st bidding. All the successful bidder of 1st stage will be notified for 2nd bidding which will include financial items.